For office space

The business environment is constantly changing. New contracts, temporary tasks, mergers and acquisitions. Rental of office furniture gives you the needed flexibility. We can provide office furniture quickly and efficiently.

We are even able to plan an interior for you. When you no longer need furniture, we remove it – without complications. And you always have the option of buying it at a reduced price.

Help with renting or selling real estate

Whether you own or rent a property, or a contractor who sells apartments in a residential building, we have a solution to equip apartments that will help you rent or sell your property much faster.

Presentation of furnished property to a potential client leads to successful sales – or renting the same. The property looks much more attractive with furniture and home appliances. And after a successful job, you don’t need to care about what happens later, because like we brought it we will remove it  – without complications.

For exhibitions, fairs and public events

We equip your showrooms, stands and make them attractive and functional for your clients. We talk about your needs, we are preparing a plan and when you approve it, you no longer need to worry. Your showroom is equipped on time and within the budget. and at the end of the show, everything is gone, and you do not have to worry about it.

We provide furniture and equipment, including computers and projectors, for training employees. We can always provide internet connection and other IT solutions. In this way, you can schedule employee training or some other event, we will put everything in place and, of course, as soon as you are ready, remove it.