Custom furniture production

You can order custom-made furniture, made of materials such as laminated chipboard, MDF, veneered media. In our offer you can find: kitchens, sliding closets, children’s rooms, living rooms, lounges, shelves, office furniture, shelves, chests …

The advantage of custom furniture manufacturing is that you get furniture tailored to your needs and dimensions.

It’s yours only to come to our showroom, choose materials, dimensions and design, and from our expert staff you will get all the necessary help and advice as well as a visual display of the desired furniture.

We manufacture furniture from a quality univer of various colors and in all its forms. Edging is done with suitable bands on the best machines that guarantee the quality of finishing and the top-of-the-art appearance of the furniture.

The joining or folding of the furniture can be done before or at the moment of installation in the designated space, and if there are some obstacles for entering the folded furniture into your premises, please mention it before assembly.