Our services

Interior design

In addition to furniture production, we perform interior design services for shops, apartments and business premises and furniture design.

Furniture design

Within our team, we have architects and designers with plenty of experience whom you can get the best solution for your project, both functional and visual.

Pharmacy interiors

We can help you with all the plans, the new layout in the space, the settings of new walls, gypsum works, suspended ceilings, floors, lighting, painting and other decorative works in your pharmacy.

Delivery and installation

We will ship the purchased products within 3-7 days. You can arrange the exact delivery time personally in our customer service department or by telephone..


Take a look at our options for renting articals, whether it’s for office space, for help with renting or selling real estate or for exhibitions, fairs and public events.

Creating elements of Clirit

Clirit or Plexiglas is domesticated name for panels of PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate), which, according to the ways of production, can be molded or extruded. This is a material that can be transparent or colored.

Custom furniture production

You only need to come to our showroom, choose materials, dimensions and design, and our expert staff will provide all the necessary help and advice as well as a visual display of the desired furniture.

Clirit cutting

Clirit is cut with specialized circular saws on square and rectangular shapes. We also have small precision circular saws where the material is fixed during cutting while the cutting saw moves, which enables precise and identical cutting.